2021 Slush Awards—Men's Rider of the Year Nominees

  |   Michael Goodwin

The 2021 Slush Awards are presented by 10 Barrel, Ikon Pass, GoPro, and Liquid Death.

Arthur Longo

Much of the footage that Arthur Longo amassed for the Vans epic EVERGREEN. was shot on location in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The fact that Arthur was able to log such an insane stack in Travis Rice’s backyard says volumes about his ability to interpret any and all terrain in a way that is not only resonant but also wholly original. This context wasn’t lost on his constituents when it came time to vote. There are rumors of an Arthur Longo standalone movie currently in the works so we might as well start penning his 2021 nominee writeup now.

Cole Navin

Few will be surprised by Cole Navin’s appearance on this shortlist following the conquering of death-defying kinks he brought to his Vans EVERGREEN. segment, to say nothing of the countless rewind-worthy exploits accompanying said onslaught. But the truth is, Cole’s been pushing the envelope for years, garnering editorial and contractual recognition in the process, and stunning peers and the public alike with his raw power. Widely recognized as one of the most exhilarating riders in the streets today, Cole’s nomination here further solidifies that notion.

Sage Kotsenburg

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that this category is Rider Of The Year, not Rider Of The Years. We say this because Sage is the only person nominated here whose merits were based solely upon the 19/20 winter season, as opposed to taking part in a multi-year project. Furthermore, due to Covid and the ensuing shelter-in-place orders, Sage’s in-season filming window was abridged significantly. Yet viewers and Rider of the Year alike wouldn’t know any of that from watching what Sage was able to stack, hence his Rider Of The Year nomination.