2021 Slush Awards—Short Film of the Year Nominees


The 2021 Slush Awards are presented by 10 Barrel, Ikon Pass, GoPro, and Liquid Death


Aptly named after the immense amount of time spent in various bowling alleys during a particularly harsh winter, Videograss once again captures one of the most earnest and aesthetically pleasing interpretations of street snowboarding and the lifestyle surrounding it. A combination of riding by Riley Nickerson, Harrison Gordon, Jacob Krugmire, Kas Lemmens, Zak Hale, Brady Lem, Justin Fronius, Joe Sexton, Ben Bilodeau, and the uncompromisingly bombastic soundtrack plays perfect partner for another memorable presentation by Videograss’ Justin Meyer and Chad Unger.


In a world with growing numbers of soft presses and less-than-perfect angles, a project that does right by the streets has been rightfully recognized as one of the year’s best. Filmed and edited by Anthony Drolet-Tremblay, “Toonies” documents the newest class of Canadian royalty. Predominantly featuring the stylings of Seb Picard, the short captures unique spots in both Canada and Europe with a healthy dose of impressive clips from Mammouth Durette, Remy Fournier, Louif Paradis, Sebi Springeth, and Mas.

Reality Breakdown

Yet another prolific chapter in the rebirth of Jed Anderson’s career, Jed features in the latest video by Jake Durham, accompanied by the riding of Chaney Gilmore, Billy Cotie, Reid Smith and Dan Liedahl. This seven minute paragon is visible proof of what can happen when two masters come together as the combined visual aesthetic of Durham and Anderson provides a succinct, tasteful representation of street riding.

Betty Ford

For years, Beyond Medals has defined its aesthetic on its own terms. It’s a crew that keeps the airs big and the rotations small, providing the viewer with a true understanding of what style can look like in its simplest form. Starring Kevin Backström—who also edited the movie—Tor Lundström, Max Buri, Sebbe De Buck, David Babacar Djité, Kazu Kokobu, Torgeir Bergrem and filmed largely by Ryan Scardigli.