Dall-E Mini Shred—Does A.I. Understand Snowboarding?

  |   Stan Leveille

Galaxy brain shit
By Stan Leveille

The Dall-e mini, for those of you who
don’t waste your lives noticing the current trends of social media, is an artificial Intelligence model that generates images from any prompt the user types in. The last couple weeks, Twitter has been flooded with screenshots of the absurd prompts people have given to this A.I. bot. 

Deciding this was surely an incredible opportunity to understand how well our current Artificial Intelligence standard understands snowboarding—its lingo, the big players, the stuff that makes it, IT—I got to work. What follows are the various prompts, and a small description about what to make of it.


We wanted to start with the basics. First impressions? The computer seems to have a hard time understanding just where one is supposed to stand. 

Backside Triple Cork

Ok. Probably should have seen this one coming. Obviously, A.I. is no better at understanding what a triple cork is than 90% of the people who watched it happen in the Olympics. 


This is incredibly promising, as it appears that the A.I. has generated snowboarders as the participants for X-games. Not skaters, moto…wait, is it good or bad that A.I. associates X-Games with snowboarding? 

Shaun White Doing Laundry

Now that we’ve gotten some basic concepts out of the way, we aim to see if the A.I. understands snowboarding’s individual participants, more than the act of snowboarding itself. We also took this opportunity to illustrate something we never would likely get to see, hence, Shaun White doing laundry.

Chloe Kim Riding a Pigeon

Hard to deny this is our favorite image of the exercise. While the upper left image pretty much nails it, the bottom left offers the perspective that Chloe is actually grinding a rail with the pigeon, which really demonstrates a deeper understanding of the culture. Perhaps A.I. is figuring out snowboarding after all.

Mark McMorris Swimming in Cereal

You know, it actually seems as though the A.I. has a better understanding of Mark McMorris than it does of cereal. Kudos, Mark! In fact, the A.I.’s understanding of swimming seems to be pretty limited.

Red Gerard Losing at Tennis

This is not meant to be a roast, but this is the closest example we have seen of the A.I. getting the face right. Beyond that, we just enjoyed how in the top-middle, the tennis ball is also someone’s head. 

Sage Kotsenburg on the Moon

It would appear that A.I. does not understand Sage Kotsenburg, IS NOT the moon. Unless of course the A.I. knows something that we do not. 

Todd Richards Yelling at Kids

This one is scary as all hell. In some ways, it’s a metaphorical of what the kids would see in a fever dream after being ridiculed by Todd.

Jamie Anderson Hugging a Crystal

Assuming that there is actually an image of this on the internet, we’re far from impressed with this rendition. 

Conclusions? This article was really just about typing funny things into the prompt.