Erik Leon x CORE x Arbor Snowboards (Part 1)

  |   Ted Borland



Erik Leon is a busy man in snowboarding. He founded CORE with the idea that pro snowboarders' gear should be more affordable for people to buy. He built upon that ideology by coming up with ways to get the communities together to have a good time, and raise money for snowboard-related non-profits in different areas within the snowboard culture. And thus, CORE NATION was born.

Our guy Erik about to get the crew fired up at the first stop @ Bearall about keeping the squad hyped up

A simple idea of making it easier for people to go snowboarding.

how do you warm up to go hit a street spot?  erik handles the next event's detailsunsung heros behind the scenes at Troll.  Marsha and Adam, we salute you!

Arbor has been a part of it since day 1. Erik's board, The Relapse is put at a lower price point just simply to make it easier for anyone to purchase. Same technology as other higher-end boards, but with a better vibe. He rides that puppy all year - from the cold streets in the midwest, to the onsens in Japan, and to every Core Nation event in between.

no matter the weather, the event goes on.  the community shows up!people showing up for the right reasons

This video is just a little tribute to Erik's efforts of making it easier to ride. Part 2 of this little video project drops in December.

see this thing do some damage in the streets later in december

video/photos by Ted Borland

Major thanks to everyone at Bear Mountain Resort and everyone at Trollhaugen, all the volunteers, and brands who donated their gear for raffles and prizes!