Headshots—Rapid Fire Questions with Fredrik Perry

  |   Ted Borland

The star of "Prequel", Fredrik Perry has been filming video parts for about 15 years now. He's basically done it all. From the Norwegian Ducksjen crew, to Think Thank, to producing his own bench-only snowboard video "BenchPress", to landing the ender in SuzyGreenberg 270 the Movie... his IMDB rap sheet is stacked. Obviously, the next step for him is to reach into the cinematic snowboarding video part realm (because that's definitely already a thing).

For this interview, I decided to ask Freddy for a couple headshots, based off of his reactions to these random questions that I gave him.

What’s it like be the face (host) of the Norwegian Snowboard awards? Does it give you pressure to try and win one of the awards that you present?
Woah, slow down. Haha, I am in no way the face the Norwegian Snowboard awards. Yes, I hosted it in 2018 and 2019 but that’s it. But if you’re talking about MY actual Snowboard Show aka Night at the Snowboard Museum aka Titanic 2 aka Sick Fuck Show aka What is this, some kind of show for sick fucks? I’m in, then the answer is it’s sick because it’s funny and nerdy. There are no awards at that one. Only a winner of the quiz. It’ll be fun to bring the show to the states. I did win an award while I was hosting the Norwegian Snowboards awards though. Kinda weird but I was never in the jury so it was fun. 

How’s your ankle feeling?  How’s your hip? How many injuries total over your career?

My ankle is not feeling good, and the doctors and physios have kind of given it up. So have I. I’ve been doing A LOT of rehab and training, but it’s just gonna stay like this. I have little to no mobility in it, so I can barely bend my left knee because of it. And if I bend it too much I get a really sharp pain next to my achilles, in a tendon called tibialis posterior. Stiff boots help a lot, so that I can actually ride, but it’s changed my riding, since I can’t be as «loose» as I normally am. I used to tape my ankle a lot but that got old, tore my skin etc. My left hip is getting better, I had surgery in it May. I’ll have to get surgery in the right hip within the next couple of years I think. Total injuries: a lot. 

When was the last time you weren’t injured while filming a video part?

Hmm, maybe for Ducksjens Klaustrofoiatch. 2010? I dunno, if not injured then at least hurting. But everybody’s hurting somewhere right? The process of getting shots hurts. 

Any acting gigs coming up?

Not sure if any acting gigs are coming up, but there’s one under way haha.
When was the last time you cried in the shower?

Probably not that long ago? This fall has been very stressful with school, the video, the show, life, work and hip rehab. I’ve had a headache since August so I’m currently in the process of figuring that shit out. A good cry always helps :D Other tips would be much obliged.

Benchpress 2 ever in the works?  Who would need to submit clips in order to get it rolling?

Woof… never say never.. but. I doubt it. But if Travis Parker sent me a WeTransfer of bench heat out of the blue, then I wouldn’t need much convincing. 

How much dough you pulling in from snowboarding?  What’s your agents' info for new sponsors to start hollering at?

The illusive "dough", huh. Let's just say that the dream has always been to be able to live off of snowboarding for at least a year, something that hasn’t ever been remotely close to happening. Like. Very far from happening. But that’s okay, shout out to my sponsors, I literally do whatever I want and they support me. Haha, I tried getting Dave Marx to be my agent last season, but he’s been on the busier side, so if anyone all of a sudden wanted to throw some money at me I guess they would just contact me. Or Sean Genovese. Or Jesse Burtner. Or Ted Borland. Or Dave Marx.

What’s next after prequel?

Good question. It’ll be exciting to hear how people interpret the video. 
And it’ll be fun to snowboard this winter. 
Make sure you check out "Prequel" and stay tuned for more from our guy Fredrik!