JUICED—Kolman LeCroy


Welcome back to JUICED, a web column where we hand a special guest the aux cord of life and ask them to hit us with what’s good.

This week on JUICED we have Big Bear local ripper Kolman Lecroy. After turning heads at Slush events like Wallbangerz and the World Quarterpipe Championships- we knew Kolman would be a great fit for JUICED.


I just started working in a snowcat last season at Bear Mountain and I happen to work under one of the dopest people to ever do it “Tex Mccullar”. Definitely hyped to learn how to build the features I’ve gotten to ride since I was a grom.

The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding

If you haven’t seen it already it’s a must watch. This movie gets down to snowboarding at its core and reminded me why I keep pushing to do it like so many others.

Sucks Supply

A company one of the Big Bear locals, “Drayden Gardner” made. Almost everything is made by hand. If you haven’t seen Sucks Vol. 1 and 2 get after it

Kyle Shafer

This guy is the best filmer/editer I know personally. He’s been making all of the Sunday in the Park edits for the past 8 years or so and he also made Sucks Vol. 1 and 2. Kyle absolutely kills it at what he does and I can’t wait to see more.

The Bomb Hole Podcasts

I spent a lot of time in the snowcat last season so I would pass the time by listening to The Bombhole. I love to geek out on snowboarding and to hear the perspectives of all the boarders I look up to.