JUICED—Marcus Skin

  |   Michael Goodwin

Welcome back to JUICED, our biweekly* web column where we hand a special guest the aux cord of life and ask them to hit us with what’s good.

Please welcome our latest guest, Mr. Marcus Skin, an Aussie lensman who’s equally known for his top-notch camera work in projects like RUCKUS as he is for his fabulous mullets and penchant for capturing the debaucherous good times of some of snowboarding’s rowdier personalities. Let the good times roll!

“Your performance off the hill is just as important as your performance on the hill.”

 Wizard sticks

"Wizard Staff (also known as Wisest Wizard or Wizard Sticks or Wizard) is a drinking game in which players play individually in an attempt to consume more beer than their opponents. As a player drinks, their current can of beer is taped to the top of their previous cans before being opened. It is then opened and consumed from the top of the staff, making the task more difficult as more beers are consumed, not only because of increased inebriation, but also because it simply becomes more physically challenging as the staff becomes taller. Once a staff is taller than its owner, that person has reached wizard status. At the end of the night, whoever has the longest staff or in other words, has consumed the most beer, may be declared the "wisest wizard".[2]"

A quote from Sage Kotsenburg: "Respect the down day and the down day will respect you." There is no better way to respect the down day when you're trapped inside because of shitty weather than to do a wizard stick. Just make sure you don't have anything to do the next day....

The current world champion is also Mons Roisland, stay tuned for the World Championships going down in November in Stubai, Austria.


RUCKUS is a series of snowboarding videos that I have been making with my buddy Carlos Garcia Knight over the past few years. RUCKUS sprouted from a group chat that the Wanaka crew had called "Ruckus Regiment." When Carlos and I made our first video together, we didn't know what to call it and ended up settling with RUCKUS as a shout out to the Wanaka crew, and showing what the New Zealand snowboard scene is about. 

This southern hemisphere winter we started filming the third RUCKUS film—keep an eye out for it in fall 2022.

Full-length movies

With all the short span content out there now, full-length snowboard movies can be hard to come by. I see a lot more value in them now when they do come around though. The people watching and investing in the full length have a lot more interaction and impact on the snowboard community than the bigger crowd of people watching the shitty, 10-second Tik Tok videos. Hopefully brands continue to see the value and hard work that comes from these videos and don’t fully invest in “influencers” who aren’t committed to the snowboarding community.

Sit down and have a watch of one of my favorites of late, “Scandalnavians,” cut and curated by the man, Kuske.

Skins Inn

Due to Covid restrictions, Skins Inn was unfortunately not able to run in New Zealand in 2020 and 2021.

Skins Inn started in New Zealand one year when I had a nice, 5 bedroom house rented for me during the winter season by the tourism (board) from Wanaka while I was working for them. The winter was winding down so the house was empty. Sage Kostenburg and Zak Hale sent me a message asking if they could crash for a week or two while they were in town. Next thing you know, a few more people needed to crash, and Skins Inn was born. The original member list included Carlos Garcia Knight, Sebbe De Buck, Spencer Schuburt, Sam Taxwood, Klaudia Medlova, Troy Sturrock, Jake Carney and friends.

“Your performance off the hill is just as important as your performer on the hill.”


Got a little bit into running a few years back as a way to relax and keep a little bit in shape. It's nice to be able to go run for half an hour or an hour and have nothing else to distract you or on your mind. Also, a mandatory beer chug in the last kilometer if you're running a half marathon as pictured above.

The Cloobs

Probably one of my favorite bands right now. Known for turning the whole bar into a mosh pit at their gigs, their music will get ya going. Even better is that the band is made up of some of my favorite snowboarders from New Zealand: Carlos Garcia Knight, Jj Rayward, Liam Whiley & Charlie Hay.


Enjoy this collection of some of the shitty and beautiful mullets I have had over the years.


I’m still yet to watch “Chroma,” but it’s got me the most excited I’ve been for a snowboard film in a while. It’s really sick to see “creative high production” stuff coming from snowboarding, and not just the same old standard def snowboard movie. Made by some of the best filmers in the industry—Willem Jones, Alexander Tank—with the backing of Hillton (the production company that brought you stuff like “Glue” & “Soft.”) Go watch it on a big ass TV with the speakers cranked when it comes out!