JUICED—Mike McDaniel

  |   Michael Goodwin

JUICED returns with the Salt Lake City-based storm of style widely known as Tropic Thunder, Mr. Mike McDaniel. Mike and Erik the Cat are in perpetual pursuit of the feel good groove—tips below.


Stretching first thing in the morning is a good way to take a step back, get in touch with your body, and loosen up for whatever the day ahead holds. Yoga is also a great chance to practice mindful breathing and being tuned into the present moment. It's a simple way to get yourself juiced to take on the day.


Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of sitting back after enjoying the spoils of your culinary labor! (Please don’t recreate this dish)


So much can be gleaned from the culture and lifestyle that surround surfing and applied to everyday life. Being patient and excited about whatever life pushes your way, and paddling in knowing you’ll never get the same ride twice are things we should all do our best to emulate. Also, watching how others turn while surfing is a great style guide!


A McDaniel original

An easily accessible outlet of creative energy that I find very beneficial in my everyday life. The act of bringing a concept to life to the best of my ability gets me juiced. Drawing helps to keep the creative parts of my brain working all the time instead of solely in situations where that thought process is required.

House music

The rich musical history of the genre and the people involved make it all really interesting to research and discover new music. Consistent baselines in combination with either an interesting sound sample, or catchy chord progression make even the most mundane task much more enjoyable.

Also, the unity that comes with mixing the works of different artists and the sounds of everyday life to create something original leaves infinite room for artists, new and established, to grow and expand their bodies of work.