JUICED—Nik Baden

  |   Michael Goodwin

Welcome back to JUICED, a web column where we hand a special guest the aux cord of life and ask them to hit us with what’s good. 

Let’s see: the guy nails two covers with one trick, puts himself in the thick of the Rider of the Year discussions during a year when he was sidelined with an injury for a significant amount of time, filmed for a Video of the Year-nominated flick, and is generally one of the most ascendent people in boarding, thanks in part to his willingness to speak frankly. Sounds like an ideal JUICED candidate. Nik Baden checks in…


Gabe Ferguson

We can all learn a thing or two from that phat boy.

Ayumu Hirano 


I don’t know, the Olympics were a week or so ago. We are about the same age and we did the junior jam at the US Open when I was 13 and he was 12. He competed in the actual contest, too, and did really well. Went double the height any of us junior jammers were going and was doing cooler tricks. Ever since then I have been a huge fan of his, and watching him in the Olympics made me like him even more. His snowboarding is untouchable and his demeanor is cooler than anyone. Closest snowboarder to superhero I know of.

PS: Everyone in that contest did really awesome stuff and it was exciting to watch.

Clique Worldwide


Clique isn’t someone with a bullshit logo throwing their name on Chinese products, it is Blake Axelson, a real snowboarder, sewing in his room. One of the best people to stay up late with talking smack on just about anything then rip the ocean or mountain with the next morning. Support real people doing real things with their real hands.

Team Sports


Crack a cold one and watch some sports. Take some time, pay attention, and next thing you know you’ll be screaming at the =TV saying, “That should have been easy for them, C’MON.”



For snowboarding, Woodward continues to make cool parks and good environments for shredders of all shapes and sizes. I think their intentions are good and they really are pushing themselves so we can have fun. Cheers, Woodies.

Don’t cancel people


Fuck “cancel culture” and supporting canceling people… We are all growing. Shutting someone down instead of hearing them out and growing together hurts us all.