Run-In: Egan Wint—As seen in Issue 1.2


p: Jovvany Villalobos

DOB: 4/8/2001
HOME MOUNTAIN: Breckenridge
STANCE: Regular
SPONSORS: Volcom, DWD, Dang Shades

Egan Wint is a Colorado native who has more recently found herself in the thick of the SLC scene, picking up new sponsors Volcom, Dang, and Dinosaurs Will Die over the last year. Hand picked by Jeff Holce to join the Dinos squad, Egan put in a full summer at Hood, and according to Holce, Wint can take a hard slam and get back up swinging. This strength and dedication to riding will surely grant her clips outside the park as she remains a key candidate for snowboarding’s next notable street rookie. Beyond sporting custom whale-shaped hats that are made in collaboration with her mom’s friend, her fundamentals on a snowboard paired with the dedication to get better are already pushing her in a trajectory towards mainstream recognition. Beyond being a powerful riding force, she has also been a voice calling for more support of women in this male-dominated industry. With just a little help from Jeff Holce himself, we were  able to band together some questions for Wint as we discuss milly tubes, Colorado, and a whole lot more. — Stan Leveille

Who would win in a fight, Woodward Park City or Brighton?

Is this even a question? Brighton every time.

Which SLC skatepark most embodies your personality?

9th for sure. You can go there, see all the homies, hang out, and if you’re feeling it, skate some. Who doesn’t love spending a day outside like that?

EDM music. Yes or no? And why.

Definitely a yes. During IT’S TITS we were getting rowdy in Jeff Holce’s living room. Next spring we’ll be going even harder if anyone wants to come dance with us. 

Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

Star Wars, Gollum creeps me out too much.

Apple Music or Spotify?

Spotify alllll the way.

Frontside or backside?

Backside! (even if I’m not quite as good at it)

I understand you’ve had the occasional war with the milly tubes at Brighton. Rough estimate for how many times you’ve hit your face on one of these green behemoths?

I have definitely bonked my face pretty good but the boob hits are the ones that make you question what the hell you’re doing. And they happen all the time.

p: Desiree Melancon

Jeff Holce claims you are very good at taking a hit and getting back up. Where does this strength come from?

Most of the time when someone falls my first instinct is to laugh (I’m that asshole), same goes for when I go down. As long as I can laugh through the pain I’ll be able to get up and try again.

Whitewater rafting? More or less extreme than snowboarding and how did you get into it?

Rafting being an action sport is the biggest con. Out of the whole day on the river there are maybe 30 seconds of action. The rest of the time is spent soaking up the sun and letting the current do the work, lazy river style. Ever since I was a kid my family would pack up the raft and paddle boards and head out for a week every summer. It’s the shit.

Is Colorado as bad as everyone says it is?

Yes and no. Growing up in Denver was awesome, going up to Summit every weekend was less awesome. Vail Resorts isn’t my ideal setup.

Are you over people talking smack on Colorado?

No, it’s nice to have all my feelings about it validated over and over again.

If you had to banish one grab from your bag of tricks forever, which would it be?

Sometimes on the lip of a jump my brain goes blank and I forget what I was going to try so I default to a simple nose grab. I would banish that to force myself to do something with a little more finesse.

Biggest influence that does not snowboard?

Nicki Minaj is the baddest bitch I can think of. So Nicki Minaj.

Biggest influences that do snowboard?

Jeff Holce, Desiree Melancon, Mike Rav, and Seth Huot are not only an insanely talented and powerful group of people but they have helped me out so much within the industry and my own mindset. I am forever grateful for them.

If you had to choose one person on the Dinos team to film a project with, who would you choose?

This one is tricky, everyone on Dinos has been so much fun to spend time with and incredibly welcoming. However, the other day I was talking to Justus [Hines] about filming so I guess that is my answer since we’re already trying to make it happen.

If you were to make a season edit, would you call it Wint’s Winter, or just WINTer. Side question, are you sick of this interview yet?

It would definitely be called WINTer Time. And I’m not sick of it but maybe feeling a little awkward, either way I’m super grateful for the opportunity to work with y’all. 

You’re officially in print, and therefore on the record. Any final messages you want to promote?

Support your homies and their homies and their homies. Let’s have a great season y’all!