SIMS Snowboards—"Quasimodo" Full Movie

  |   Michael Goodwin

The long-awaited full length from SIMS is here and it sure does deliver! It's been a crowded release year, and I know some are feeling some film fatigue, but this ain't the one to bow out on. Killer footage from one of the most eccentric and exciting (IMO) teams in boarding, and another great soundtrack and edit from Brock.


Words from Hilary Sims and Blair Habenicht below

Tom Sims was the original OG of modern day snowboarding. In 1963, Tom told his 7th grade woodshop teacher that he'd like to build a skateboard for the snow as his class project. Tom and friends would sneak onto the snow-filled fairways of the neighboring country club in Haddonfield, New Jersey and take as many runs as possible on Tom's "Skiboard" before expectedly getting the boot. In 1972, at age 22, Tom moved cross-country to Santa Barbara, California, looking to live out his dreams of surfing and skating all year long, and to continue refining and testing his "Skiboard" designs. From winning world championships in skateboard and snowboard events, to knocking down doors at ski resorts and convincing them to let snowboarders onto the lifts, to building the world's first half-pipe for a snowboard competition in 1983, Tom was a visionary, inventor, athlete, and a rad pioneer of sliding sideways. Thanks Tom!

"QUASIMODO!" Tom and his buddies would shout out when one of them was riding in the iconic pose while surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding. An ode to a revered pro surfer who coined the name of his stylistic maneuver back in the late 1950's. An expression of freedom, fearlessness, and that out-of-the-world feeling of pure exhilaration that riding on a board fills you with. Pure Juice!

The first SIMS Team snowboard film in many a moon, QUASIMODO is 40 minutes of composed mayhem, shot on 16mm film, 8mm film, and digital platforms, over a two year span. Orchestrated and primarily filmed by acclaimed snowboard lensman, Brock Nielsen. Words don't snowboard, and Nielsen lets the riding paint the picture in this not made for TV, full throttle, full length offering.

Featuring the Global SIMS Snowboard Team - John Jackson, Tadashi Fuse, Keegan Valaika, Scott Blum, Shuhei Sato, Cody Warble, Nik Baden, Blair Habenicht, and Martyn Vachon, doing what they do. Filming locations - Japan, The United States of America, and Canada."