Slush Video Magazine—Season 2, Episode 2


Pull up for the second serving from Season 2 of Slush Video Magazine featuring the following fine selections:

- Brandon Reis gives a tour of the House of Reis wtih Phil Hansen, Katie Kennedy, Lily Calabrese, Jesse Burtner, and Matteo Soltane.

- Shop Stop at Eastern Boarder in Nashua, New Hampshire with Manager Brian Fiske

- A Brighton “Party Spot” with Danimals, Spencer Schubert, JP Walker, Mikey Leblanc, Mike Boggs, Caleb Flowers, Reid Smith and Justin Bennee.

- A check-in at the real late spring bracket event - Lord of the Ropes - in Trollhaugen, Wisconsin.

- A very special 2-22-22 “Toozday” celebration of the one, the only, Jason “J2” Rasmus.

- “Phone Files” from Minneapolis with Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Mikey Leblanc, Riley Nickerson, Jake OE, Justin Fronius and Craig Cameron

Shot and edited by Justin Meyer and Ted Borland

Art direction by Kyle Sauter

Produced by Pat Bridges

Additional footage by Jake OE, Dylan Okurowski, Brandon Reis

Eastern Boarder/Sunshine Credits Music by Mario Luciano