Slush Video Magazine—Season 2, Episode 3


Ayo, episode 3 coming at ya, loaded with event coverage (and more) from this past month:

- Artist profile with Josh Manoles, art director and co-owner of Public Snowboards

- Coverage from Dustbox’s “Be Somebody” event at Vivint Arena

- A day at Donner Ski Ranch for the Legends of Tahoe featuring Shaun Palmer, Tina Basich, Todd Richards, Chris and Ryder Roach, Tom Burt, Nate Holland, Rob Morrow, Dave Seoane and more

- Phone Files from the Dillon Ojo Park in Montreal

- Bear Mountain for the Russell Winfield’s Ayee Esse Happening


Shot and edited by Justin Meyer

Art direction by Kyle Sauter

Produced by Pat Bridges

Additional footage by John Cavan, Spencer Schubert, Harry Hagan, Cole Navin, Bryden Bowley and Blake Paul

Legends of Tahoe segment by John Cavan

Intro music by Mario Luciano // @marioluciano425

Presented by 10 Barrel Brewing Co. and Ikon Pass