Trend Watch #1—Cut-Off Highbacks

  |   Maxwell Scott

Well, it's no secret that we are deep in a '90s revival right now. After all, we are just the products of our biological endowment and repetition in our environment—a mess of neurons with a new Kurt Cobain haircut swiping through Insta stories. 

It's okay, though. All things in culture, and life for that matter, are cyclical.

If you are not trending now, just hold tight. Keep doing your thing and in 10 or 20 years time you'll be hip again. Then, at some point, you will eventually be called a poser and the cycle will start over once again.

Just one look at these high backs and I am magically whisked away, swept back to my mom's basement in Buffalo sometime in grade school with its mildew-stained woodgrain vinyl walls, me playing Cool Boarders 2, jamming the R1/R2 bumpers on my PS1, tweaking some insane indy nosebone...possibly listening to Primus. 

These things hearken back the days of proper tweakage, of Noah Salasnek, Jeff Brushie, and many others, and all of my sickest magazine cut-outs on my mom's vinyl walls. When did our high backs get so high anyway? Who needs that extra support when it comes at the expense of a proper tweak? Where do we draw the line here between innovation and ankle support? With these bindings and some soft throwback Airwalk boots you can really dip that toeside down on your frontside 180 melon.

Also, does anyone remember the third binding strap? The high ankle strap? The Super Mario boots? I’d like to see that revived, too, if we're going for support. 

I am not calling it because the wheels are already in motion, but look for some newer binding drops with lower high backs like this kid's steeze. I even think the Scotch tape is a solid look here. Please take note! Perhaps add an option to cut off half the highback? Some dotted lines and a free X-Acto knife with every pair? Just try not to cut yourself before you press rewind on your Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness cassette.


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