Winter '22 Product Preview—Owner Operator


Welcome to the Winter '22 Product Preview presented by Tactics! Enjoy the latest from Owner Operator.

The two of us spend virtually every waking hour sitting at the sewing machine. I have completely lost track of how many things we've sewn in the last year, but I'll tell you it's both a whole hell of a lot, and definitely less than you'll find hanging on your local ski-shop's black pant rack of death.


Shelter Anorak

  • MSRP: $495
  • STYLE: Unisex
  • -Waterproof/breathable Nylon shell. Big pockets for sneaking your cat on the lift sans ticket. Full coverage hood for hiding your helmet from kool guys in the park. Large back pocket accommodates half a pizza box folded up to protect against backstabbers.
  • -Hand-made in the USA by snowboarding dads.
  • -Every dollar is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.

93 Pant

  • MSRP: $395
  • STYLE: Unisex
  • -Oft-imitated, our imitation of a vintage snowboard pant is one of a kind-ish.
  • -Made sort of like they used to, only with modern technical fabrics so you will actually stay warm and dry.
  • -Cut and sewn start to finish by a dad with rapidly-worsening arthritis.

Summit Mitten

  • MSRP: $189
  • STYLE: Unisex
  • -These are the world's best mittens. All other mittens are dangerous. There are cheaper mittens out there, but you may as well stick your hand in a muskrat trap.
  • -Waterproof-breathable Nylon shell, convenient RFID pass-pocket, full grain leather palm.
  • -These are the mittens I designed to wear myself. I will sew some for you too if you ask nicely.

Highback Pack

  • MSRP: $79
  • STYLE: Unisex
  • -There's two kinds of person in this world; the one asking to borrow tool, and the one who has one.
  • -Fits most highbacks, unless you hacked yours off with garden shears. If you are that sort, you're unlikely to be the the kind of person who has the scratch to buy our stuff.
  • -Lifetime guarantee expires at the end of my life.

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