Academy Snowboards Gathering 2022—Tahoe, California


Academy gang with their annual Tahoe meet-up, this time closing down Boreal and Snow Bowl.

From the Academy desk:

"Every year in the Spring we get the whole crew together to shred in Tahoe and hang out.  This year was quite different from most with 30 inches of snow falling the 1st three days of the trip at Sugar Bowl and ending it on a sunny park day at Boreal. Good times were had and we captured it with our GoPros and mobile devices."

Music by Mario Luciano 

Edit by Eythan Frost

Crew // p: Brian WalkerEric Royce at Sugar Bowl // p: Brian WalkerEythan Frost at Sugar Bowl // p: Brian WalkerWhiteout Boreal laps // p: Mike DawsyBaker Broadhurst and Eythan Frost // p: Mike DawsyBaker Broadhurst at Sugar Bowl // p: Mike DawsyChad O. at Sugar Bowl // p: Mike DawsyRoach and Chad O. // p: Mike DawsyEric Royce at Sugar Bowl // p: Mike DawsyAcademy Tahoe Gathering 2022 // p: Mike Dawsy