Antti Jussila for World Peace—K2 Snowboarding


From the K2 Snowboarding desk:

When we were cooking up the idea of the World Peace snowboard, we knew that we wanted 
this board to be playful, snappy, and tough as nails. Immediately, we reached out to K2 Snowboarding Team Rider Antti Jussila to get some insight. After working through prototypes, dialing in shapes, sidecuts, flex patterns, camber lines, etc


Antti put the World Peace to the test, attacking anything and everything Finland had to offer.

Filmed entirely in Finland with a hint of France in there (Merci, Bastien)


K2 Snowboarding proudly Presents | Antti Jussila for World Peace.

Snowboarders: Antti Jussila and Bastien Sturma
Film & Photography: Jamie Durham
Additional Filming by: Joakim Bolbo, Toni Kerkela, Guillaume Sturma, and Seamus Foster
Edited by: Seamus Foster
Music: Monopot “Powerlunch” Curtesy of Sony Music Publications