"Beginners Luck"—Full Video


Kyle Murray sent over this impressive first stab at making a full video. Sick compilation of established and up-and-coming talent.

Featuring Cole Michie, Jack Wiley, Xander Cornaby, Jed Sky, Mikey Tuck, Eugene Stancato, Pat McManus, Eli McClatchy, Liam Doyle, Wes Heffernan, Derek Conti, Blake Moller, Jeremy Ellenberg, Dylan Gray, Christian Buling 

Filmed and edited by Kyle Murray

Super 8 by Kyle Murray

Additional filming by Connor Lowe, Paul Osborne, IV Stuart, Jack Wiley, Luka Nezi, Joey Leon, Mikey Tuck, River Richer.

p: Pat McManus

p: Pat McManusp: Pat McManus