Boardslide Worldwide—Rishiri Raw

  |   Patrick Bridges

"We're going to the top and it's gonna be insane!" -Taylor Carlton after already having been to the top. He was most certainly going insane.

February 2020 Griffin Siebert, Jason Robinson, Jesse Grandkoski, Taylor Carlton, Sean Lucey and Austen Sweetin headed over to Japan in hopes of summiting Mount Rishiri. When they landed Japan declared a state of emergency and closed down their schools, covid was still new and everything seemed somewhat normal. But after our 2 week volcanic splitboarding adventure the adventurers were welcomed home to a whole new world. This was the beginning of Covid and the last of their travels before the global shut down. They were so lucky to have experienced this trip of a lifetime with such a groovy group of people. Tune in for a visual experience and a laugh for their behind the scenes episode from Rishiri, Japan.