Chaos in Duluth—Red Bull Heavy Metal 2022 Highlights


Take a behind-the-scenes look at the return of Red Bull Heavy Metal, and the makes and misses from this year's wild event.

From the Red Bull desk:

"After a nearly two-decade hiatus, Red Bull Heavy Metal is back - and heavier than ever. Taking place at the iconic Cascade Park in Duluth, MN, Red Bull Heavy Metal played host to 40 of the world’s top rail riders in a day-long street snowboarding competition unlike any other. Three zone were carved out for the riders to session: “The Tower” featured a 20-foot tall drop, “The Playground” showcased a technical section of down bards, transfers, trees, and tables, and “The Metal,” the heaviest of the sections, focused on Cascade Park’s notorious kinked rail and 30-step stair set. Not only was this a heated jam session with the world’s top street riders – this was a true showcase of the progression of street snowboarding."