"Chroma"—Full Video

  |   Michael Goodwin

A couple minutes into Chroma I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the film, but I left a big fan. Stunningly shot and directed, I feel that Chroma hits the oft-missed sweet spot in boarding between artfulness and pretentiousness. It challenges what constitutes a "snowboard film," and puts forth an experimental alternative to the "bigger, faster, higher" race of clip progression.

Cheers to the Sevi and friends, and the artful eye of the Hillton team.

Director: Alexander Tank

DOP: Willem Jones

Photographer: Silvano Zeiter

Production: Hillton

Producer: David Bertschinger Karg

Co-Producer: Severin van der Meer

Snowboarders: Severin van der Meer, Lars Popp, James Niederberger, Christian Haller, Gabrielle Torriani, Nicolas Wolken, Lucas Baume, David Djité, Arthur Longo

Old Man: Kurt Herzog

Additional Camera: Jake Price, Olivier Gittler, Alexander Tank

Colorist: Samuel Muff

Grading Studio: SLGH Zurich

VFX House: Das Alte Lager

VFX Supervision: Robin Disch

Edit: Alexander Tank & Max Neumeier

Editing Assistant: Lou Staub

Title Design: Boris Stoll


Midnight Music «Windwalkers», Pablo Nouvelle «Chroma», Fabian F. Fuchs «Cirque Chromatique», Holograms «Monolith»

Music Supervision: Florent de Maria

Voice Over: Yumna Al-Arashi

Sound Design & Mix: Robert Büchel

Sound Studio Jingle-Jungle

Sponsors: Ride Snowboards, FW Apparel, Doodah, Laax

Supporters: Octamas, Cinegrell, Kamerawerk, SLGH, Jingle-Jungle Studios