"Connexions"—Brust Studio Full Movie


Rethinking the paradigm during a Covid Winter, Brust Studio takes a specific approach to produce their latest, "Connexions."

"This movie is a Connexion between people, cultures, know-how, and so much more. For this project we mostly stayed in France, COVID locked us in our country but fortunately, we had some really good snowfalls at low altitudes! We cruised from the alps to the northeast in Alsace/Vosges. We rode an abandoned ski jump from the 68’ Olympics in Grenoble, a train next to the highway, some French vineyard, and a lot more. 

Then we flew Eastern Europe for a 3 weeks trip to Kiev, Ukraine. We discovered another culture, different architecture, and welcoming people! They just had one of the biggest snowstorms in years. We found a cool snowboarding community and really aesthetic spots." 

In this project, we focused on originality on our spot selection, natural speed, and 1 spot per rider. 


Starring Pierrot Scafidi, Louis Labertrande, Bastien Sturma, Nicolas Palladio, Jake and Joe Simpson, and Vlad Dumin

Filmed by Guillaume and Bastien Sturma

Edited by Guillaume Sturma

Produced by Brust Studio

Additional filming by the Simpson Brothers, Pierrot Scafidi

Super 8mm and 16mm by Guillaume Sturma

Photography by Lafleur, Bastien and Guillaume Sturma