Gambaro—Volcom Full Film

  |   Patrick Bridges

Leave it to the Stone to give us the mid season stoke no one saw coming with their pow filled Japan spectacle Gambaro. Filmed and edited by Volcom TM Seth Huot with help from Oli Gittler Gambaro follows a tight crew as they get loose popping, slashing, spinning and sending the goodness that awaits in the side country of Japan. While Arthur Longo pretty much can’t get a bad clip no matter the project, Pat Moore also produces with a very notable tree trunk knuckle drag, as does Torgeir Bergrem with a pretty insane Todeo. The return of Volcom super grom turned misty off-piste practitioner Ruiki Masada is a cool sub plot to this short but really 36-year-old Takaharu Nakai might steel the show. His switch back 5 at 4:30 is about as good as they come.

Gambaro is classic Volcom with subtle, raw, lofi vibes juxtaposed with quick, eclectic cuts of insane action. The music provides the perfect "wish you were here" accoutrement helping to make it all seem relatable even though there really is no substitute for Japow, The Slush takeaway is that Seth Huot doesn’t mess with a resonant formula that has been working for Veeco ever since Alive We Ride and the Garden and that is perfect. Also Torgeir Bergrem getting “iced” with a cold one placed on the lip of a booter is genius!