Intense Therapy—Teaser


Sensesse is an Oslo-based group of women who snowboard + skateboard, love to hang out, ride together and work towards equality and inclusion. Our goal is to create a safe place for women in snowboarding and skateboarding, we want everyone to feel like the snowboard community is like a home. We believe that the visibility of women is important to the world-wide snowboard community. With that, we present our teaser to you, "Intense Therapy."

This winter with COVID restrictions and all, we were proactive with the attitude of “nothing happening” to go out into the streets of Oslo, Trondheim and Hemsedal, and film this edit. The decision and motivation by starting this project created a reason to set the alarm clock, get up in the morning, and have a purpose throughout many of the days this winter. Giving us a specific goal to work towards. To go out and risk our physical health to save and maintain our psychic health was a way this project both has been intense and therapeutic. To go out and take risks, gain self-confidence, to experience a new kind of humility, feel a great rush of adrenaline, and retain a feeling of belonging. We hope you enjoy the teaser and look out for the full video coming at the end of this month!