Tweakend—Interconnect Teaser

  |   Patrick Bridges

Within the tumultuousness that is 2021 a lot of good things have emerged or perhaps even, come back around. One of those things is the resurgence of teasers into the digital stream. Adding to this teaser revival is the latest glimpse into the international goodness in the works from Tweakend's Hugo Dubé-Bouchard and company.

According to Hugo "INTERCONNECT is an urban snowboarding movie starring many amateurs and professionals riders from canada, united states, europe, japan and russia. All the riders are super stoked to be involved in this unique project, i invited them to join interconnect at the beginning of the season and now we’re a bunch of passionate people sharing the project."

Riders: Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, Mike Rotsaert, Oskar Fritzsche, Patrice Poulin, Francis-Olivier Jutras, Tye Wilson, Eric Freckman, Atsushi Hasegawa, Christian Kirsch, Rasmus Ronka and Stepan Rokos.