Jason Robinson—"Part Half Full"


"When you look at a glass that has a liquid taking up 50% of its total capacity would you say that the glass is half full or half empty? I've typically been a glass half full kind of guy, yet for a while there I'd say I was more of a glass half empty type of person but I'm happy to say that I'm back to being a glass half full guy again.

I'm not sure if the comparison really works when referencing a video part, but who cares. Is anyone even going to read this? and if they do does it really even matter anyway? It's nothing but a fun and silly compilation of snowboarding footage of a fun and silly man, me, Jason.

We create our own reality and I choose to live in a world where my "half part" is a part half full not a part half empty. So without further ado here is the footage I'd gathered from last winter, the 2020/21 ski/snowboard season. It was filmed mainly during a few random days riding around with Tim Stanford, aka Stanny, aka Stantech. The homerun gap was filmed by Leland McNamara, while I was helping him and Tanner Hall with T's X-Games REAL SKI part. The frontside 360 here was my first time hitting it. I hit the jump one more time but since I was hitting it with the Ski Boss and he was doing some sort of backwards 900 he kept adding more and more pop so on the first hit it went smooth but then sort of kicked me a bit on the second attempt. So, I only hit it twice and was sort of done with it. I'd like to hit it again sometime in the future because it really is quite a perfect jump and not nearly as scary as it looks after you hit it once. Maybe with a fellow snowboarder next time. No offense Tanner.

Something worth mentioning is that I’ve been repping Salmon Arms mitts & gloves. I forgot my gloves one day at Holy Bowly and gentle giant Ted Borland let me borrow his Crab Grab gloves for the day. Otherwise I usually wear Salmon Arms and love their gear.

Also I added a clip of my very first time dropping into Corbet's Couloir. I think I may have found a new entrance into the legendary run at Jackson Hole during the King's and Queen's event. Ya know, most anyone can huck themselves, plus I felt I really had nothing to prove. I discovered this crack by almost stepping into it on accident, it was almost completely covered by snow which had created a sort of trap door. I gently kicked at the suspicious looking snow drift and the snow fell through the crack. I put my snowboard up to the crack and realized it would fit, but just barely. I decided in that moment that I wanted to drop into it, even if I had to climb back out. But what do you know, it went! So I just dropped in and the rest is history. I'd like to try that one again too actually and continue on from there into a super crazy chute that I imagine only fills in every once in a while. Only time will tell and we will see.

Anyway, thank you for watching!

I would like to send a huge thank you to R.P. with Pro-Tec. One of the realest humans and companies in the game. Thank you for having my back and supporting me financially when really no other brand did. The "lunch money" has really gone a long way over the last few years and you have helped me to never give up on the dream, which has lead me to this point where I am more excited and inspired to snowboard than ever before. Sometimes the mind and body have different plans then one another and I had a meniscus repair surgery coming into this winter so I won't really be ready to snowboard until late spring or early summer. But trust me it's on after that! 

Another big shout out to Dr. Donald Warren at Bothell Chiropractic Clinic. R.P. and Doctor Warren helped me to travel last winter as I continue to follow my biggest passion in life, snowboarding. Thanks guys! I couldn't have done it without you. Also a thank you goes to anyone and everyone who has ever appreciated or supported the things I've done with my riding or may do so in the future. The future is looking bright and beautiful, even when it's not.

**Made in iMovie by yours truly**"

- Jason Robinson