Louif Paradis x Dialogue Lace—Promo Vid for New Salomon Boot


Sick little commercial from Louif and Salomon in promotion of the new Dialogue Lace SJ Boot, designed to Louif's tastes. A little info on the boot and its design below. 

*What's better? Tunes from Durell Williams

Dialogue Lace SJ Boot

The Dialogue Lace is Lou’s choice for everyday comfort in all conditions from Quebec to Hokkaido. Built with Fit To Ride construction for a superior fit, the Dialogue offers a progressive flex with enhanced support from STR8JKT, an internal heel harness actuated by BOA® Fit System. Sitting on top of the Damplite+ outsole, the Dialogue combines comfort and durability without compromising grip.

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p: Joseph Roby

p: Joseph Roby