Marion Haerty—Off The Bees


A very cool entry into the "Off The Bees" series ffrom BangingBees x Vans diving into the life of French ripper Marion Haerty.

Supported by Vans

Produced by BangingBees

Filming and editing: Justin Dutilh

Archive footage: Marion Haerty, A Branler Crew, Freeride World Tour, Natural Selection/Red Bull Content Pool, EP Medias, Club Chamrousse

Producer: Julien Mounier

Translation: Justin Dutilh

Guest riders: Hugo Serra

Music in order of appearance:

Les Oiseaux - BYRRH
Andrew Waslyk - A drift Below a Constellation
John Carpenter - Chemobarn Wrinkled

Thanks: Freeride World Tour Ordino Arcalis Granvalira Tyler Chorlton Merlin Slidewayz"