"Poly"—Multimedia "Chroma" Work From Silvano Zeiter


Poly by Silvano Zeiter is a body of work that‘s complementary to the film project, Chroma, by Hillton and Severin van der Meer. It consists of three flip books, three Polyscopes, a curated collection of prints and an audiovisual excerpt in the feature film. Silvano‘s slow shutter followcam photography in Poly is supposed to make its spectators feel as if they were part of the action themselves. It not only offers a better understanding of the snowboarders‘ motion, but also of the photographer‘s, inviting the viewer into the frame. Most importantly, Poly breaks out of the conventions of snowboard photography by bending its rules.

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Our reality is a dance between delusion and truth. Where does the dream stop and the memory start?

Poly V.01-03 is a series of three flip books, photographed by Silvano Zeiter, published as a complement to the film Chroma with Severin van der Meer.

Featuring Severin van der Meer, Lars Popp, Arthur Longo & Christian Haller


- Edition of 333, numbered

- 3x 256 pages, softcover

- 120x65x26mm

- Packaging by Sonderegger

- Paper by G.F. Smith

- 240x133x36mm

- Silkscreen print by Lorenz Bögli

- Edition of 66

- 500x700mm

- Photography by Silvano Zeiter

- Design by Boris Stoll

- Text by Alexander Tank

- Very special thanks to FW Apparel.

Flip book setPolyscope 1Poly V01 outtake
V02 outtakeV03 outtakeV03 outtakePoly screenprint