RIDE Snowboards—21/22 RIDE Pig Collection


Meet the Pigs.

Video by Jake Durham


MTN Pig - All new Split tail design, allows for a more dynamic turn shape, board flex, and helps drop the tail in pow. The MTN Pig is growing fat on powder and running wild and fast through the mountains. 

MTN Pig. r: Spencer Schubert // p: T Bird

Superpig - All new construction featuring Carbon Slimwalls, a  thin layer of our urethane Slimewall material sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber. Carbon Slimwalls reduce weight, increase dampening and durability, and provide more snap and response. If you want something big and bad take shelter in the Superpig, this thing is built like a brick shithouse.

Superpig. r: Keegan Hosefros // p: T Bird

Warpig - All new construction featuring Slimwall tech. Slimwall is a new construction featuring thin layer of our urethane Slimewall material to help reduce weight, increase durability, provide better energy transfer, and maximum dampening.

Warpig. r: Hana Beaman // p: T Bird

Twinpig - All new Slimwall Construction. Twinpig is quick edge to edge, and the most playful pig in the collection. 

Twinpig. r: Keegan Hosefros // p: T Bird

Psychocandy - Added sizes in 154 and 158 makes this a modern update to the pig family that everybody can ride.

Psychocandy. r: Jake Welch // p: T Bird