Sensesse—Intense Therapy Full Video


New film out of Oslo! A message from the crew below:

"With an intensely long lockdown in Oslo, this project helped us maintain and improve our mental health. With a specific project to work towards, and a feeling of belonging - we were able to enjoy our time together and make something nice of what potentially could have been a very difficult period of time. At the same time, it is absurd to think about going out and risking our physical health, in order to save our mental health. I guess this is something many snowboarders can relate to.

We would like to thank the Norwegian Snowboard association for lending us a camera to film with during the season. It has been difficult, interesting, fun, and intense (!) to film each other while really really hoping that you don’t fuck up each other's clips. For many of us, using a camera has been a new experience. From finding angles, to figuring out camera settings, these have been a foreign tasks prior to starting this project. However, we are proud of the result and we are looking forward to exploring more street snowboarding in the seasons to come. We would also like to thank our friends for supporting, filming, taking pictures, helping building spots and contributing with good advice. 

Hope you enjoy our edit! :) 

- Sensesse 

Filmed by: Stine Tønnessen, Maria Hilde, Alva Knudsen Sæterdal, Fredrik Perry, Martin Stuve Strøm, Wietse Tomas, Jens Ugland, Maximilliam Smith, Gabriel Bjørsvik 

Edited by: Maria Hilde

Riders: Stine Tønnessen, Alva Knudsen Sæterdal, Maria Hilde, Elin Bjørshol, Sunniva Lindgaard, Anna Stagrum, Frida Steinbakk

r: Alva Knudsen Sæterdal