SlushSpace Top 8—Nov 1-7


Bigggg week for videos… we tried to spread the love as much as we could but its tough when this many sick videos come out.  (edit : we could have probably had something from DC's "Outsider" in here... like we said, tough to remember with a crowded week like this one. Much love to that crew and definitely a vid worth watching)


- There's nobody "couloir" than Freddi K in Saas Fe, that icy spine line was some insane terrain.  

- Grace Warner is one of our favorite up and comers out of Michigan. Check out all 3 vids that dropped from the Mitten State this weekend - Germination, Smooth, and Character Motive all had really good stuff and it was hard to only choose one clip outta those.  

- Bruners videos always come correct - Nic Roy has a spot selection like no other (also, sorry for the spelling mistake, Nic, had a long week and that one slipped through until after we posted).  

- Escape 4 U was one of our favorites of the year so far… definitely a crew to take serious note of from here on out.  

- Austen Sweetin and Sean Lucey did Mt Baker proper with “Wind Slab". Watch that one for sure. Austen's ender is nothing straight Beast (pun intended). 

- And as far as the Dustbox goes - we could have put every one of those mf-ers in the top 8 but were trying to make sure everyone gets a little love out here, ya know?  Also we try not to post people’s enders if we don’t have to, but Jill and Cooper (as well as most of the rest of the crew) had some serious ender-enders in “DreamCastle”, so go give that thing another viewing to see them really shut this week down.

Insta Credits

8: @frederik_kalbermatten Glacier Ride 📹

7: @graciewarnerr Gap to 5050 in Germination 📹 @trevstache

6: @nicroyh Grate Slide to Wall Ride in Anytime 🕳 📹 @the_bruners

5: @eliasrupp Boardslide from Escape 4 You 📹 @escape_video

4: @jill_perkins Frontside Boardslide in dreamcastle 🏰 📹 @thedustbox_

3: @austensweetin Backside 360, Frontside 360, Backside 360 in Wind Slab 📹 @boardslide_worldwide

2: @durchundburch Night line in Escape 4 You 🔦 📹 @escape_video

1: @qooper Frontside Creeper to Backside Lipslide Same Way 👑 📹 @thedustbox_

See Y'all next week!