Social Report—Journal Vol. 2


"Social Report" is the 2nd movie from the Journal project. It highlights all of the social exchanges, both positive and negative, that come through our practice of snowboarding. From the grumbling grandpa, to the super hyped schoolchildren, not a session goes by without interacting with the locals… and often, the police. 

Street snowboarding is an emotional rollercoaster. Between your 27th and your 28th try, the worst day of your season can become the best. But either way, your friends are there to have your back. We try to illustrate all of this in our "Social Report".

The Journal project is a tribute to print, paper, analog film and full movies. These concrete things that are still a part of our culture, 40 years after people first became obsessed with sliding sideways on snow. The project was born from friends, both snowboarders and photographers who wanted to share their stories.

A film by Lionel MOERCH

Starring: Elliot MAIRE, Fred COUDERC, Lionel MOERCH, Maveric RIAL

Supported by Levitation, West Snowboarding 

Thanks to Mathieu GUERY (@lifstyle), Josh KEMPINAIRE (@supertrampeur), Hugo PARVEX (@spicygraphie), John SCHROFF (@schroff.exe), Vincent BAPST, Esteban CABALLERO, Mathieu ROUILLER, Martin NEUHAUS, Megane BOURDIN, Ahriel POVICH, ID Pub, and everyone involved in this project...

Social Report is slated for release in its entirety in November.