The Bomb Hole EP. 52—Max Warbington



From The Bomb Hole desk:

Max talks about growing up on a farm, Chompy the turtle, respect gets respect, peacocking, the Brain Bowl Sessions, riding in a helmet, QP Camp Out, having strong snowboard fundamentals and much more. Max Warbington is part of an elite squad of snowboarders that hails from Oregon and grew up riding Mount Bachelor. All of these riders seem to have one thing in common and that is strong board fundamentals. Max has been in all sorts of projects from Think Thank movies and his own Shorts and Shades and is also a member of Lick The Cat. The word is he even beat Danny Davis in a halfpipe contest. His newest project The Brain Bowl Session’s is all about being inclusive, anyone who wants to come join him and put it time with a shovel is welcome! We got the chance to sit down with Max and hear about it all first hand on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!!!