The Bomb Hole EP. 61—Cooper Whittier


From The Bomb Hole desk:

"Cooper Whittier is a young pro snowboarder making a name for himself in the realm of urban snowboarding. This week we talk all things Dust Box, crew mentality, clip high, snowboarding body mechanics, the power of having skateparks in communities, snowboarding in the city that never sleeps and so much more! Cooper and his good friends took the Wu-Tang Clan business model of getting a sick crew and going all-out bringing it to snowboarding, forming the most formidable new crew in the sport “The Dust Box”. Dropping videos clocking a couple hundred thousand views with a shoestring budget, designing merch, and most importantly just having a good time snowboarding, Coop and his friends are doing it right. Sit down with us as we have a conversation with Cooper Whittier and hear about his journey from small town Maine to living in Salt Lake City embarking on what is sure to be a very long career in snowboarding on this week's episode of The Bomb Hole!"