The Bomb Hole EP. 64—Brandon Cocard


From The Bomb Hole desk:

"Pro snowboarder and very skilled musician, Brandon is combining his two passions, delivering amazing video projects as he snowboards to his music. The outcome is an authentic vibe that is rarely seen in snowboard videos. In this episode we talk combining music and snowboarding, Rubik’s cubes, the second largest rail ever slid, spicy foods, the mental health crisis, synchronicities, being there for your friends, Easy Giant, and so much more!

Brandon says snowboarding and music both occupy the same part of his brain. Once he figured out how to combine his two passions, he was able to recreate his snowboarding career from just being another pro rider in a film to creating his own projects where the focus is on music just as much as his riding. The result is nothing short of magical. Join us as we take a deep look into the normally quiet and reserved Brandon Cocard on this week's episode of The Bomb Hole!"