The Bomb Hole EP. 65—Jess Kimura


From The Bomb Hole desk:

"Jess Kimura is one of the most influential snowboarders on the planet. From landing a spot on ESPN's Top 50 Most Influential People in Action Sports list, to winning countless Transworld Women's Rider of the Year, Women's Video Part of the Year, and Reader's Choice awards, to creating an entire video series elevating women in snowboarding, Jess is as real as they come. As she reached her dreams of becoming one of snowboardings top pros, her world crumbled down as she lost the love of her life.

In this episode, we talk “Learning To Drown,” Dumpster Spice, imposter syndrome, investing in women’s snowboarding, “The Uninvited,” tokenism, genderism, cultivating memes, visitation dreams, depression, the afterlife, past lives, Jaws, mental health, and so much more. In her newest movie project “Learning To Drown”—which is sure to transcend snowboarding on many levels—she tells the story of her loss, the journey through the hardest time of her life, and how she made it out the other side choosing life. We sat down with Jess and discussed not only snowboarding, but life's hard times in general and how to deal with them on this very important episode of The Bomb Hole."