The Crap Show—Episode 3


From the Crap Show desk:

"Spring is our favourite time of the year up here. It’s when the snow gets soft and slushy, the sun shines all day long and the riders get even more sendy cause the risk of falling hard is slightly reduced. Consider all this and you’ll easily understand why it’s also the best time to take out the cam and film some laps with a bunch of talented shredders on the Crap.This episode is a balanced blend of different styles of riders. Female and male rippers. Young and younger. Enjoy this third episode of The Crap Show and stay tuned for more…"

Riders: Lukas Kortmann, Mia Brookes, Tibbe Keizer, Hrund Hanna Thor, Kyle Jenkins, Senna van Drunen

Music: Flawless Issues - Good Vibrations | Tigerblood Jewel - Learning Curve | Tage - Cutie Pie

Film & edit: Lukas “Blume” Rösli