Trollhaugen Human On Board—Episode 4, Volume 8


From the Trollhaugen desk:

What does that chalkboard sign in your Aunt's kitchen say? No, not the, "Eat Like Nobody's Watching," one. The other one that says, "Don't Cry Because It's Over. Smile Because It Happened." Yeaaa, that one. That one makes sense for this moment in time (and less sense above her oven). The last
#HumanOnBoard episode of the 21/22 Season is here, and we are crying AND smiling, and both are allowed. We had 115 glorious days on snow with all of you humans, and the magic that took place even on the gloomiest, most frigid of days, was other worldly. We are home to something special, and it is all because of you steel slashing metal heads.

Cheers to the Humans On Boards for creating a universe separate from reality (a far better one at that). We'll see you in the fall. SKOL!!!!!!

Film & edit by Robbie Weides

Riders: Boody, Grady Tank, Keegan Tank, Bill Brandt, Tanner Seymour, Jake Antisdale, Benny Milam, Krister Ralles, Josh Markert, Tony Wagner, Mike Skiba, Ben McCabe