Victor Daviet DVD Videos—"Maxi Best Of"


From the Daviet desk:

"The season is coming to an end and we have been working on new DVD volumes, that are about to be released. But before, we wanted to take a good step back on the discs with have been playing with a recap of the first 4 volumes (White Canvas , Apollo 21 , Hit and Run, Grab+ some exclusive images that we have never shown anyone. Consider this volume as my new kind of video part 2021 and a snack for what's coming next!"

Riders: Enzo Nilo @enzonilo / Pierro Scafidi @skafideep / Nico Paladio @indiana_rimes / Wolle Nyvelt @wolfgangnyvelt / Thomas Delfino @thomasdelfino / Mathieu Crepel @matcrepel / Pierro Scafidi @skafideep , Tonton Riton @Rtiuun & Victor Daviet @VictorDaviet

Filmers and editors: Franky Moissonnier / Tom Granier / David Valdyka / Nat Sapey / Louis Para / JB Bazzarini / Samuel McMahon / Robin Cretinon