Victor Daviet's Trip Roulette—EP. 3: Pakistan


Victor Daviet's wheel-spinning, globe trotting experiment returns!

From the Daviet desk:

"Episode 3 of TRIP ROULETTE is one of a kind:

No usual technical spins here, no show business stars or any sort of glamour—make way for adventure, Uno games, humor, but mostly humans!

Victor landed in Pakistan thanks to @Zomconnection, a non-profit organization created by legendary Chamoix rider Julien "PicaHerry, which aims to develop winter sports in Pakistan. 

Once on-site, Victor took this opportunity to organize a new TRIP ROULETTE adventure.

Together with Roger and Michele, the two carrier donkeys, Victor brings along the young locals from Madaklasht valley for their first backcountry expedition in the mountains.

Side by side, they reach what one would call "the ends of the earth": a magnificent valley surrounded by 6,000 meters high vertical peaks covered in immense glaciers. 

This team, formed by young people from different cultural backgrounds yet united by their passion for snowboarding (while having wide technical differences!), will create strong friendships sharing sweat and shivering nights, making progress under Victor’s supervision and, of course, losing to foolish bets at UNO! 

Let the adventure begin!"


Filmed and edited by Jean Remi Ceron // @JJRCERON

About the series

Trip Roulette is a web-series that mixes snowboard, adventure and ecology (trying to be not too boring).

The goal: Travel differently and be as eco-friendly as possible for snowboarding and share good moments and funny memories with the audience. 

The concept: To sum up (and because I’m explaining it all in the video), I’ll take with me a mystery guest on a trip to an unknown destination that we’ll reach with an ecological transport. So basically it could be a mule, snowshoeing, on foot, a camel, a van, or a sailboat. As the TV host I will turn 3 wheels that will determine the guest, the destination and the way of transportation.