YETI Natural Selection at Jackson Hole—Day 1 Results and Gallery


p: Ben Gavelda / Natural Selection

And we're off! Wild Day 1 of the YETI Natural Selection at Jackson Hole in the books, finals running this Friday. How those picks looking?! Tune in here for live stream and recap following the event.

 Kevin Backstrom // p: Blotto / Natural SelectionElena Hight / / p: Blotto / Natural SelectionBen Ferguson // p: Blotto / Natural Selectionp: Chad Chomlack / Natural SelectionMarie-France Roy // p: Ben Gavelda / Natural SelectionTorstein Horgmo // p: Blotto / Natural SelectionTorgeir Bergrem // p: Blotto / Natural SelectionSebbe De Buck // p: Blotto / Natural SelectionChris Rasman // p: Blotto / Natural SelectionMarion Haerty // p: Tim Zimmerman / Natural SelectionTravis hyped // p: Chad Chomlack / Natural SelectionSage Kotsenburg // p: Tim Zimmerman / Natural Selectionp: Colin Wiseman / Natural Selection