DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!
DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!
DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!
DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!
DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!
DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!
DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!
DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!

DVD Mega Pack—7 Videos for $99!

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Fill out the collection with this one-of-a-kind DVD bundle featuring seven full-length flicks ($140 value) for just $99!


Featuring Desiree Melancon, Jill Perkins, Nirvana Ortanez, Phil Hansen & Bode Merrill while proudly introducing Jeff Holce, Denver Orr & Dylan Okurowski. Tangle aims to showcase the video part in its most authentic form by capturing riders riding wherever, whenever, whatever and however they are inspired to. When a common thread is woven with the ties that bind us a TANGLE ensues.

Director: Ted Borland
Filmed by Ted Borland and Paul Osborne

Everybody, Everybody

With every stairset and step-down, kink and cornice, cheese wedge and cheese grater, runway and ride-out, 2019’s Everybody, Everybody invites viewers into SNOWBOARDER’s sixth season-long cinematic session as twelve riders, an eclectic cross section of snowboarding’s hell-bent vanguard, partake in the quixotic quest for the perfect video part. Fueled by youth, angst and unlimited data plans, the Everybody, Everybody roster spent last winter sending it across the Northern Hemisphere shepherded by director/editor Ted Borland. Alongside the rest of the film support staff, Ryan Finder, Derek Weimer, and Anton Kiiski, Ted and company were able to capture every make, battle, NBD and b-roll moment in hi-res.

Everybody, Everybody features Jill Perkins Video Part of the Year winning segment alongside the riding talents of Gabe Ferguson, Phil Hansen, Reid Smith, Finn & JJ Westbury, Brandon Davis, Cooper Whittier, Gab Jacques, Gus Warbington and 2020 X Games Real Snow Champion Rene Rennekangas


A daughter of the Sierra, Jamie Anderson grew up on the slopes of the South Shore of Lake Tahoe. Her prodigious talents as a preteen snowboarding savant made her a podium contender from the moment she arrived at the X Games in Aspen more than a decade ago. Since then, Jamie has amassed more X Games and Olympic medals than any other woman in history. Yet, being the best competitive snowboarder of all time is an asterisk that Jamie leaves behind as she pursues even greater riding challenges far from the contest circuit. Powder, slush, corduroy, and pillows, Unconditionalpresents the wide pan of Jamie’s 2019 season as she sets out to expand her horizons beyond the contest bib.

Starring Jamie Anderson, Jess Kimura, Elena Hight, Charles Reid, Stefi Luxton, Maria Thomsen, Alexis Roland, Dustin Craven and more.


With Veer, six riders set out to reinterpret urban snowboarding in their own creative ways. The smaller roster highlights each rider’s take on tricks and terrain in a dense, action-based, intimate ensemble format. Shot primarily in Midwestern locales, Veer avoids the bells and whistles that have become the snow porn norm, in favor of raw action that is as relatable as it is inspiring.

Starring Jesse Paul, Jordan Small, Melissa Riitano, Nirvana Ortanez, Mike Liddle, Tony Wagner, and more.

Deja Vu: Encore

Snowboarder Magazine awarded Encore with it's 2016 Movie Of The Year and for good reason. Director Hayden Rensch collaborated with harry Hagan and Tanner Pendleton for over two seasons to capture the pinnacle of urban riding by some of the best to ever do it. This production is a primer for all street riders looking to be schooled on what still proper! 

Starring Louif Paradis, Phil Jacques, Alex Cantin, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Nic Sauve, Frank April, Ben Bilocq, Will Lavigne, Jake Kuzyk and the late, great, Dillon Ojo.


Beacon documents the adventure of celebrated French Canadian snowboarder Louif Paradis as he navigates the weathered expanses of Quebec, Russia and Japan in the pursuit of new features, ideal conditions and more.


The collaborative vision of Contrast is to pair progressive riding with a point of view and aesthetic that not only provokes the stoke but also takes the viewer on a more cerebral visual journey. By juxtaposing the ubiquitous experience of daytime riding with the darker hues and shadows inherent with after-hours exploits Contrast creates an ethereal viewing experience.

Starring Bode Merrill, Desiree Melancon, Erik Leon, and Justin Keniston.

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